Inspire Insurtech Interviews: Devcon Technologies

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The Inspire Insurtech Interview’ series are interviews to inspire your fellow insurtechs. We’d like to share who you are, what you do, what we can expect from you in the future. This month we are talking to Paul Brandis from DevCon Technologies –

insurtech australia member devconTell us DevCon Technologies’s brief pitch
DevCon has developed a claims management platform called Prime Ecosystem. Through the Prime Ecosystem platform, we are connecting Insurers with their Supply Chain with a simple, powerful and customisable platform; reducing claim lifecycles and costs, whilst bettering the customer experience.

So how DevCon Technologies begin?
We saw a major gap in the market initially for the Insurer’s Supply Chain, where Insurance Repairers/Builders were trying to use commercial construction platforms to manage the intricacies of the Claims Process but these platforms were falling short on a number of areas. One of the key areas is that the Insurance assessment/repair process is generally not linear and the software needs to be able to handle that, plus having the different contractual requirements from the different Insurers/Adjusters tracked and reported on.

How has DevCon Technologies evolved since inception?
From initially starting as targeting the Insurance Supply Chain, DevCon has now also developed a platform for the Insurers directly, to improve and streamline their Repair and Supplychain Management processes. The key differentiator of this product (Prime Assess) is that it has a digital connection to the Insurance Repairers already leveraging our Prime Build product, which provides increases efficiency in the assessing, quoting and reinstatement of building and contents claims.

What is your team currently working on? Any accomplishments you’d like to tell us about?
Our newest product we have been developing is Prime Restore, which is targeted towards the Restoration supplychain of the Insurers and Adjusters. This will encompass both the job/workflow management as well as key requirements around asset/inventory management and moisture mapping and reporting.

How does DevCon Technologies give back’?
We give back to the Insurance community by providing a level of support above and beyond for our client panel, especially smaller repairers and restorers who are trying to make a difference in their region of service. We strongly believe that the industry needs a more regional approach to the supply chain to deliver a better customer service to the Insured.

What is DevCon Technologies’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?
One of our biggest challenges is getting the incumbents to be open to partnering or even integrating with a smaller startup/scaleup in the Insurtech space. Through APIs and a collaborative approach, we believe that the savings in costs and timeframes would be substantial, but without the focus from the Insurers and Adjusters, we aren’t able to provide the support to our clients to then deliver a more proactive resolution and reinstatement of the affected property.

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