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Insurtech Australia CEO & Co-Founder Brenton Charnley in Dynamic Business

March 30th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia CEO & Co-Founder Brenton Charnley in Dynamic Business”

Insurtech Australia CEO & Co-Founder Brenton Charnley has been featured in Dynamic Business for his views on gender equality!

Brenton Charnley, CEO & Co-Founder Insurtech Australia: “Gender equality isn’t just about a ratio or a metric which reflects one point in time. While these can be helpful data points, they are retrospective. They do not represent the real-time changes needed by each of us to achieve gender equality. We can all ‘fast-track’ gender equality by taking responsibility for our gender equal decisions.

“There is a very accurate quote: ‘big business decisions are made by many people, making many small decisions in many rooms.’ Every day, we have an opportunity to make better and more considered gender equal and gender-neutral decisions. In every meeting, email and initiative, we can be cognisant of addressing inequality. Don’t just wait for the next Board meeting to take action. It will be too late.

“We can also fast-track gender equality by promoting flexibility around how our people work. The more flexible we are around work, the more equal opportunity we provide. This makes it easier to get the right person in the right role, at the right time and importantly, for the right remuneration.”

Read the full article here on Dynamic Business here.

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