Our Mission

To make Australia a world leader in Insurtech by fostering a diverse community of insurance innovation and collaboration by bringing together insurtechs, insurance practitioners, entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, and industry stakeholders across Australia.

Who we are

Insurtech Australia is a national, not-for-profit organisation, run for the benefit of our members and partners across all corners of Australia. Insurtech Australia is a division of FinTech Australia. We are all about supporting and growing the Australian Insurtech community including Insurtech startups, Insurers, Hubs, Accelerators, Investors and advocating on behalf of our members and partners.

Insurtech Australia aspires to make Australia one of the world’s leading markets for Insurtech and insurance innovation. We do this by collaborating with insurers, startups, regulators and investors to create the best possible regulatory environment, and by fostering an ecosystem of supportive partners and networks so Insurtech can thrive and grow in Australia.

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Insurtech Australia
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The Team

Insurtech Australia is led by a diverse group of experienced practitioners, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and insurance enthusiasts who share the vision and mission of Insurtech Australia.

insurtech australia team

Simon O’Dell

CEO & Co-Founder Insurtech Australia
Co-Founder Hybrd

Brenton Charnley Insurtech Australia

Brenton Charnley

Chairman & Co-Founder Insurtech Australia
Founder Insurtech Sydney
Principal Alpha39 Innovation 

Rita Yates at insurtech australia

Rita Yates

Co-Lead Insurtech Australia
Head of Corporate Partner Experience, Stone and Chalk

Sarah Fountain at insurtech australia

Sarah Fountain

Founder Insurtech Melbourne
Senior Associate at DLA Piper Australia

Vanessa Dobson at insurtech australia

Vanessa Dobson

Insurtech Sydney Team
Head of Research and Development, MunichRe

Ben Webster at insurtech australia

Ben Webster

Insurtech Sydney Team
Insurtech Founder, Insured by Us

insurtech australia

RJ Pragacha

Digital Marketing Lead
MBA Candidate, AGSM@UNSW Business School

Severin Stoetzer at insurtech australia

Severin Stoetzer

Insurtech Sydney Lead
Innovation Partner at Munich Re



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