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Insurtech Australia Successfully Launches October 2017!

December 20th, 2017 Posted by Community, News, Press 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia Successfully Launches October 2017!”

Insurtech Australia has finally launched…and what an event!

Here’s what happened

It was a full house as guests arrived early evening for the launch. As everyone eagerly awaited the start, discussions of the latest insurance and insurtech happenings could be heard throughout the room. Representatives from all facets of the Australian insurance ecosystem were present: insurtechs, insurers, advisors, investors, policy advocators, and more.

insurtech australia launch

As the room quieted, Steve Raynor (COO, QBE) delivered a warm welcome followed by a few words from Danielle Szetho (CEO, FinTech Australia). After the opening remarks, CEO and Co-Founder of Insurtech Australia, Brenton Charnley, hit the stage to formally announce the launch of Insurtech Australia.

Without delay, Charnley dove right into discussing the milestones Insurtech Australia has reached since its inception in 2016, its strong team and community of partners and members, and the organisation’s objectives for the upcoming year. Charnley took a moment to remind us of how insurance has evolved over time, and what it means today.

“Whilst time has changed, insurance, or the underlying purpose, continues to survive. Yes, the technology has improved, but insurance has seen shifts due to tech before. We define insurtech as the application of technology innovation in the insurance industry value chain, to solve known challenges and discover unknown opportunities, in order to deliver value for customers.”

insurtech australia rita yates and brenton charnley

Insurtech Australia aims to make Australia a world leading market for insurtech innovation and investment. The insurtech and insurance industry has boomed in the last few years, and Charnley states Australia is in position to be a world leader in insurtech.

“We have the resources, the talent, and the drive to make this happen…Australia is known for being a high quality exporter, so let’s add insurtech to the mix.”

Charnley also discussed the importance of building and growing an insurtech ecosystem to support this cause, as more can be achieved by leveraging all parties in the ecosystem and working together. This ecosystem includes:

  • Investors and capital
  • Government and Policy
  • Insurers, Reinsurers, Brokers and community
  • Insurtechs, technology and the innovation ecosystem
  • Advisors, support and industry bodies

Panel Discussion

With the launch thoroughly addressed, it was time for a panel discussion with a few insurtech thought leaders who are currently making waves in the industry: Naby Mariyam (Founder and CEO, Coverhero), Louise Dwyer (EGM Global Partnerships, Suncorp Group), Daniel Fogarty (Co-Founder and CEO, Evari), and Ralph Ronnenberg (Managing Director, Munich Re Australasia), facilitated by Insurtech Australia’s Partnerships Manager, Rita Yates.

insurtech australia launch panel discussion

The question of the hour was, “How can Australia be a world leader in insurtech?”

Incidentally, this question was asked again to the wider community of insurtechs and partners. See what they have to say here.

All in all, it was a successful launch for Insurtech Australia and we’re excited to see what the insurtech community can accomplish together this upcoming year.

What’ next for Insurtech Australia?

Insurtech Australia aims to make Australia a world leading market for insurtech innovation and investment by fostering a diverse community of insurance innovation & collaboration. As a not-for-profit organisation, it is dedicated to supporting and growing the insurtech community and advocating on behalf of its members and partners.

For 2018, Insurtech Australia will work to:

  • Establish a nationwide insurtech community and increase membership
  • Accelerate insurance innovation, grow insurtechs and partnerships
  • Advocate on insurtech policy to help create the best regulatory environment
  • Support and connect people in the ecosystem, locally and globally


In the upcoming year, Insurtech Australia will also collaborate with ANZIIF on the 2018 Insurtech Conference.
For more photos from the event, please click here.
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“How can insurtech help shape the Australian insurance world of tomorrow?”

December 12th, 2017 Posted by Community, News 0 thoughts on ““How can insurtech help shape the Australian insurance world of tomorrow?””

At our launch in October 2017, we asked our partners and insurtech members: “How can insurtech help shape the Australian insurance industry of tomorrow?” Here’s what they have to say!

insurtech australia member dxc technology

DXC Technology announces launch of the DXC Springboard Competition

November 29th, 2017 Posted by Members, News 0 thoughts on “DXC Technology announces launch of the DXC Springboard Competition”

DXC Technology is excited to announce the launch of the DXC Springboard Competition.

In collaboration with Stone & Chalk, the Springboard competition is for Insurtechs wanting the opportunity to integrate with DXC’s world leading Digital Insurance Platform, or wanting to leverage DXC’s extensive global reach.

The competition opens Monday 18th December, with submissions due by mid January. Successful applicants will be invited to attend workshops with technical and insurance experts, these will be scheduled for the last week of January and third week of February 2018.

Competition winners will be announced at the DXC Insurance Industry Conference on the 7th of March 2018.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with insurance companies through the Digital Insurance Platform and to partner with a global technology insurance organisation to grow both local and global client exposure.

For more information and to register, please visit:

or email:

Insurtech Australia member Cover Genius in the 2017 Fintech100

Cover Genius, a 2017 Fintech100 ’emerging star’

November 29th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Cover Genius, a 2017 Fintech100 ’emerging star’”

Congratulations to Cover Genius, who was listed as an ’emerging star’ in KPMG’s 2017 Fintech100 report!

Australia has once again demonstrated its strong fintech credentials with 10 Australian fintechs appearing on the list. Three Australian companies made the ‘Top 50’ and seven Australian fintechs are represented on the ‘Emerging 50’.

Check out the full report here.

insurtech australia in insurance news

Insurtech Australia & Cover Genius in Insurance News

November 27th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia & Cover Genius in Insurance News”

Insurtech Australia & Cover Genius were recently featured in Insurance News:

Ten Australian companies and three from New Zealand have made it onto the fourth annual Fintech 100 list.

And Cover Genius has become the first Australian insurtech to make the “emerging companies” section.

Insurtech Australia co-founder Brenton Charnley told the entries reflect the strength of the Australian and New Zealand fintech community.

“Australian companies now make up more than 10% of the top 100 fintechs in the world and this reflects the work of the whole Australian fintech community, including work by associations such as FinTech Australia to help further Australian fintech on the global stage.

“The diversity of Australian technology companies featuring in the list this year shows Australian technology is advancing on multiple grounds, with insurtech becoming a more prominent feature this year – with 12 insurtechs overall – and with the first Australian insurtech, Cover Genius, to make the emerging companies list.”

Read the full article on Local fintechs named in world power list.

insurtech australia in asia insurance review

Insurtech Australia in Asia Insurance Review

November 10th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia in Asia Insurance Review”

Insurtech Australia was recently featured in Asia Insurance Review.

Mr Brenton Charnley, Lead & Co-Founder of Insurtech Australia, said a key aim is to see Australian InsurTech companies succeed on the global scale and for Australia to become a world leader for InsurTech.

Founding members of the association include a cross-section of industry, technology and startup experts, including Macquarie Bank, QBE, ANZIFF, IAG, Suncorp, RAC Insurance, Tank Stream Labs, Munich Re and The Fold Legal.

Read Australia:InsurTech body aims to help local firms succeed globally on Asia Insurance Review.

insurtech australia in insurance & risk

Insurtech Australia in Insurance & Risk

November 9th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia in Insurance & Risk”

The launch of Insurtech Australia was recently featured in Insurance & Risk.

Insurtech Australia – the peak body for insurtech companies in Australia – officially launched at the end of October to a packed room in the QBE offices in Sydney.

“Insurtech is a rapidly growing sector worldwide, and Australia has the ideas and skills to compete,” says Brenton Charnley, lead and co-founder of Insurtech Australia.

Read Paving the Way for an Insurtech Boom on Insurance & Risk.

insurtech australia meets instech london

Insurtech Australia meets InsTech London in London

November 8th, 2017 Posted by Community, News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia meets InsTech London in London”

Last week Insurtech Australia’s Brenton Charnley met InsTech London’s Robin Merttens in London to discuss the global insurtech community.

It’s time to create a global InsurTech community by forming links between the relevent groups in each country. We can share interesting content and ideas, help make introductions for travelling members, globalise the investor base and most importantly learn from the best of what other communities are doing.

Read more about Robin Mertten’s thoughts on InsTech London.

insurtech australia in the fintech ecosystem

Insurtech Australia in the FinTech Australia Member Ecosystem

November 1st, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia in the FinTech Australia Member Ecosystem”

We’re proud to be a part of the FinTech Australia Member Ecosystem! From “Booming Australian fintech scene shown in new member ecosystem map“:

Insurtech Australia co-lead Brenton Charnley welcomed his association’s placement on the member ecosystem map as a division of FinTech Australia.

“We are on the start of an incredible journey with insurtech and this map helps illustrate and showcase our founding startup members,” he said.

“One of our key projects next year will be to create an ecosystem map of the entire insurtech community, including our partners, corporate members and startups, to bring to life the collaborative culture we are building in the Australian insurtech industry.”

Read the full article on FinTech Australia

Insurtech australia in good assurance

Insurtech Australia in Good Assurance

October 27th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia in Good Assurance”

Insurtech Australia was featured in Good Assurance

Gary Dransfield, Main Govt Officer Insurance plan, Suncorp, explained Insurtech Australia positions Australia at the forefront of business disruption and innovation.

“The insurance policies business is evolving and as a sector we have to have to embrace the change and use it as an possibility to disrupt ourselves. At Suncorp, we’re building a consumer market which centres all over new partnerships and services to support our prospects currently and in the long run. We’re thrilled to guidance Insurtech Australia and be part of an ecosystem of associates who share our enthusiasm for pondering in another way about making consumer price.”

Read the full article on Good Assurance



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