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Inspire Insurtech Series: Codafication

June 24th, 2018 Posted by Community, Members, News 0 thoughts on “Inspire Insurtech Series: Codafication”


Hello! The next release of the ‘Inspire Insurtech’ series where we interview inspiring insurtechs to find out who they are, what they do, what we can expect from them in the future, and more is here!

For this feature, we have Codafication with Managing Director, Dan Sandaver.  Enjoy!


Tell us Codafication’s pitch

We are “Data Traffickers”…

Our technology is a conduit between legacy software, the cloud and data science.

We provide our clients with a secure platform with flexible abstraction layer, that can design and power enterprise eco-systems. We connect best in class applications, while providing complete lift and shift capability.

Coupled with our own highly flexible software modules (tailored for the insurance industry) our tools value-add to any distribution function, supply chain management, project management, cost containment, financial modelling or back-office digitisation.

Unity is our flagship platform; it integrates, innovates and automates.

Awesome pitch!

So how did Codafication begin?

The company was spun off from a successful insurance property repair company based in Brisbane that has been operating for over 10 years.

We saw the ability to build tools to automate supply chains and the distributed work forces of the future. As we built more and more products, we realised that our modular approach to software development could add benefit to other parts of the insurance value chain, and other industries with similar challenges.

My personal journey was a project manager previously in software development, before getting into the insurance repair industry. I’ve since however come full circle back into software development having gained a deeper understanding of the insurance industry which has allowed me to create Codafication.


How has Codafication evolved since inception?

We started our journey focused on building business line applications for the insurance repair industry but realised over time that our tech-DNA defined us to be a different proposition all together. The true value proposition of our company is in our Platform as a Service which allows teams to rapidly deploy solutions across a fragmented software landscape while transacting valuable data and insights.

Great insight!

What is your team currently working on?

We believe we are building the next evolution of Platform as a Service technology which will support anyone from enterprise to start up. Without revealing too much, we’re super excited about the direction and strategy were undertaking and believe our tech-DNA will be a game changer for digital transformation teams or software developers around the world.

Additionally, we just finished the Stone & Chalk accelerator for Insurtech which was a great experience. We met new clients and colleagues and built some great relationships through this unique approach to trade vendor and buyer networking.

We’re preparing now for global expansion into new markets, with new channel partners which is extremely exciting.

Exciting! We can’t wait to hear more on these developments!

How does Codafication ‘give back’?

We try to support two endeavours each year, one domestically and one abroad.

Domestically its HeartKids, an organisation helping to support children and their families affected by congenital childhood heart disease. Internationally, its Umoja house in Africa supporting disadvantaged children through education and community support.

Both charities are close to me and are great endeavours that are highly focused on the people they benefit not the organisation.

We also give back by providing a diverse, culturally aware, and inclusive workplace, for people of all walks of life.

Good job! That’s a noble cause!

What is Codafication’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?

Speed, scaling and the ever-changing technological landscape.

What any tech company is building now must have relevance in years to come, and balancing that with the speed at which tech evolves is an interesting challenge.

It’s interesting as well, as more and more the dominant infrastructure providers are becoming the dictating factor in relation to innovation, and the gap is closing on unique technologies in an open-source landscape.

We cannot agree more!

What are your thoughts on our monthly topic?

I had the chance to sit on the Insurtech Australia panel recently, discussing Insurtech in the Autonomous Future topic this month. It was great to share the hot seat with interesting people with many perspectives on the subject.

My thoughts on this topic are that we’ve already seen levels of automation in our society from print press, to manufacturing machinery, to e-commerce on the internet as just a few examples.

We’ve all been comfortable with buying products online since mid-90’s, having them delivered to our door, and have experienced the automation of data with predictive marketing and service offerings with “click here” to buy functions.

The next evolution will be a more seamless process as the data is becoming more and more connected in our digital footprint. Automation has been evolving constantly before us, however I don’t think society would automate ourselves into economic oblivion or irrelevance, but more empower creative teams to solve complex problems and provide better customer experiences.

Insurtech in an autonomous future –  if you provide augmentation, transact data and innovative applications to solve complexity. I think it’s a brave new world for the vendors in this space.

That’s a great thought! We love the panel from that talk!

Anything else you’d like to say?

Australia is an extremely innovative nation, especially with Insurtech vendors. I’m excited to see some of the success stories including our own unfold in the global market.

Thank you!

A few members from the Codafication team


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inspire insurtech with instanda cover

Inspire Insurtech Series: INSTANDA

April 6th, 2018 Posted by Community, Members 0 thoughts on “Inspire Insurtech Series: INSTANDA”

Inspire insurtech with insurtech australia member instanda

Hello! The next release of Insurtech Australia’s ‘Inspire Insurtech’ series has arrived! For this feature we have the award winning insurtech, INSTANDA, and Asia Pacific Distributor, Jon Moody!


First off, what is INSTANDA’s brief pitch?

INSTANDA is a management tool that empowers the insurance market to build and launch any insurance product, in any country within unprecedented timescales. We have all types of insurance products being built on the platform by our clients each week globally. INSTANDA can be configured very easily, with the skill set of using Microsoft Excel and Word. This allows our clients to respond to customer needs and optimise experiences in minutes all whilst benefiting from a commercial model completely aligned to the success of policy sales.

INSTANDA is entirely configurable from the ground up – question sets, ratings, documents, contracts and even APIs can all be built by business users. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all model. No templates. No limits. Allowing our clients to work the way they want to.

The platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, which allows INSTANDA to benefit from global scale at a level of quality and resilience that even the largest corporate data centres cannot match.  This allows us to provide customers with a genuinely elastic, web-scale insurance system.


How did INSTANDA begin?

INSTANDA was an innovation from F2X group (which is currently the parent company of INSTANDA) and founded by Tim Hardcastle (INSTANDA CEO), and COO Derek Hill (COO) when they were founders at F2X group.

Both Tim and Derek had personal experience of the technology challenges facing insurance companies through their experience at a FTSE250 Insurance company, Addressing the challenges of deploying product innovation to the market at speed whilst also remaining cost effective became the cornerstone for the initial INSTANDA platform. In addition to this, due to Tim and Derek’s significant experience outside of the insurance sector, the platform has also benefited by leveraging operating models outside of insurance in the initial design of the Azure hosting model.

INSTANDA Asia Pacific arose due to the ongoing global growth in the use of the INSTANDA platform. (Jon [INSTANDA Asia Pacific distributor] moved back to Australia after 15 years in the UK working alongside large insurance companies, investment banks and other financial services firms.

We’re glad to have you here in Australia!

How has INSTANDA evolved since inception?

INSTANDA has seen a 500% increase in the number of live clients on the INSTANDA platform, from four to twenty eight (UK and international). Even more dramatic is the number of products being transacted by those clients, up 7500% from eight to sixty: a rise driven both by new client wins and by in-account growth. The most prolific INSTANDA client (in the UK) currently has fifteen distinct products hosted on the platform. Operational cost reductions offered by the platform lead to savings of 25% – 50% and are allowing the world’s best-known carriers to move from product concept, to binding online, in a matter of weeks. Also, FTE has tripled since inception with offices in UK, Australia, Canada & US.


What is the team currently working on / what has been accomplished recently?

The INSTANDA pipeline globally remains strong, despite limited investment in marketing. As an example, INSTANDA has five of the world’s top twenty insurers either on the books or at proposal stage.

We have been recognised in the industry for winning the Insurtech Honours of the year 2017 (Insider Honours) / Excellence in Insurtech 2017 (2017 FINNIE Awards).

Also, INSTANDA recently delivered a new digital broker platform with ease of trading as its key point of focus, within an unprecedented timeframe for Zurich Insurance UK. This project led them to win the E-trading Initiative of the Year (Insurance Times) & Product innovation award in 2017.

Looks like there’s a lot to look forward to!

How does INSTANDA ‘give back’?

Being based up in sunny QLD (after all those years in the UK weather!), we recognised that whilst the market in Australia would appear to be centred around Sydney and Melbourne, QLD has a thriving insurtech / start-up community. Given the great success that has been experienced by Insurtech Australia, INSTANDA Asia Pacific are actively participating in establishing and fostering the QLD based insurtech community. This will help to ensure that the great teams working and innovating up here in the sunshine state are able to share some of our sunshine with our poor southern cousins.

We’re excited to work with you in building QLD’s insurtech community!

What is INSTANDA’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?

As a newcomer to the Australian market (whilst backed by significant UK experience) with a significant claim around speed and cost to market, it remains challenging to navigate the procurement process for larger organisations. We are often pitching to organisations who find it hard to accept our claim of brand new products deployed in days / weeks, especially when they have previously invested so heavily, both in terms of time and cost to bring new products to the market. This then leads to the dreaded slow no whereby significant energy is expended with an organisation who may not yet be ready for the change INSTANDA can support. The flexibility of INSTANDA allows our clients to have a fail fast mentality aligned with the dynamic nature of the market – it would be great if that approach could sometimes also be applied to the corporate purchasing process too!

Keep at it!

What are your thoughts on the topic ‘what does the future hold for intermediated distribution’?

We believe there will continue to be a place for intermediaries as either complexity of risk or customer service remain key challenges across the insurance value chain.  INSTANDA is well placed in this regard whether this is by allowing insurers to rapidly deploy products to their broker network or having MGAs package up specialised / bespoke products to niche markets whilst also ensuring a great end customer experience.

Anything else you’d like to say?

The pace of change in the insurance market is only going to increase as it catches up to and leapfrogs other sectors like banking due to the significant investment being made in insurtech. Operating in an eco-system whereby you are able to innovate alongside changing customer expectations will aid in ensuring the traditional insurance company or intermediary remains relevant in the future.

Thank you!

A few members from the INSTANDA team

Insurtech Australia Inspire insurtech INSTANDA team 2

Inspire insurtech with insurtech australia member instanda


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insurtech australia inspire insurtech series hello claims cover

Inspire Insurtech Series: Hello Claims

March 13th, 2018 Posted by Community, Members 0 thoughts on “Inspire Insurtech Series: Hello Claims”

Hello! The next release of the ‘Inspire Insurtech’ series where we interview inspiring insurtechs to find out who they are, what they do, what we can expect from them in the future, and more is here!

For this first feature we have Hello Claims with Managing Director and CEO, Nick Herford.  Enjoy!


To begin, what’s Hello Claims’ brief pitch?

Hello Claims is innovative, it’s now, and it’s turning the motor assessing industry upside down, with huge benefits for insurers, broker and insureds.

The Hello Claims assessing and repair solution is delivered through a combination of:

  1. Properly engaged repair network
  2. Properly managed repair network
  3. Application of a one of a kind assessing and repair management technology

Hello Claims utilises technology to seek out the truth to the extent of damage, appropriate repair method and cost.

Hello Claims technology allows all stakeholders involved in the claim process to real time view the progress of the claim through the provision of stakeholder portals

The results we have created for our clients are significant and to date we have delivered nothing less than a 15% average claim cost saving for our clients and in a number of cases significantly more.

We love those savings!

How did Hello Claims start?

The genesis of Hello Claims was a result of my frustration with the value the current motor assessing and repair management market was delivering to insurers and policyholders alike.

My initial frustration surfaced when I was leading the motor assessing and repair arm of a very large claims provider and was further reinforced to me when I asked my father, who is a retired very experienced motor assessor, to assist me during a catastrophe (hail storm).

He made the comment to me that nothing has changed in relation to the assessing process since he had retired – some 15 years previous – “you are still using manila folders and paper assessing forms” he stated – where is the innovation?

This is when I decided to use my panel beating, repair shop management, claims assessing and mechanical engineering experience to build a motor assessing and repair management solution that would revolutionise the way motor claim are assessed and managed in today’s market.


How has Hello Claims evolved since inception?

All successful businesses must evolve to remain relevant to the needs of their current and future clients and Hello Claims is no different.

Change is at the heart of Hello Claims DNA and whilst our initial ambition has not changed our technology is continually enhanced to enable the continued automation of claims management, assessment and repair management processes.

We agree!

What is your team currently working on / what have you accomplished recently?

In terms of what have we accomplished recently, Hello Claims has been very fortunate in the support it has received from the both the Australian and New Zealand market and as a result we have the privilege of delivering the Hello Claims solution to more than 40 clients in Australia and New Zealand.

In terms of what our team is working on our number one focus is ensuring we consistently deliver the Hello Claims promise to our clients – our incredible team focuses on this every hour of every day.

As stated above we constantly review our technology to ensure it remains relevant to our current and future clients. We are advanced in the development and use of Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality in the use of the assessment and repair process among other exciting opportunities.

Lastly, we are in the very fortunate position to be reviewing a number of partnering opportunities in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Exciting, we’re looking forward to see where you go next!

How does Hello Claims ‘give back’?

We provide a collaborative and respectful culture and are passionate about learning and professional development. We proudly support the Miracle Babies Foundation with our partners along with several other charities.

We love insurtechs that give back!

What is Hello Claims’ biggest challenge in today’s markets?

Overcoming the insurers traditional view of the real value that external assessing and repair management business’ provide to them and their customers – which to date has not been that positive.

Whilst we appreciate this perception has been built on their in the “traditional world” of assessing, Hello Claims has been and will continue to work hard to show the insurers that a new world has been created, we have not had a single client that has entered into a Proof of Concept with Hello Claims that has not continued into a long term relationship with us. One where the results are so positively impactful that they will begin to question the:

  1. Value of internally managed assessment and repair management teams, and
  2. Absence of a carefully selected and closely managed repair network.

Even as we write this it all sounds very simple, but the reality is delivering success is a very complex recipe. All ingredients need to be mixed ‘just right’ and this mixture varies on a client by client basis. Successful measurement and mixing involves years of experience as a panel beater, an assessor, an InsurTech innovator and a Repair Panel Manager. Hello Claims brings this experience to table ‘in spades’.

Sounds like a real challenge.

Anything else you’d like to say?

We love what we do, and we would like to thank those that have contributed to our success to date.

We commit we will do everything in our power to continue to deliver innovation excellence in the motor assessing and repair market and continue to challenge ourselves and evolve with our clients.

I urge any Insurers, Brokers, fleet managers and self insured fleets to re-evaluate what they are doing in their claims space currently and take the time to speak with the Hello Claims team.

Thank you!

inspire insurtech with insurtech australia and hello claims


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Insurtech Australia Inspire Insurtech Flamingo AI Photo

Inspire Insurtech Series: Flamingo AI

February 20th, 2018 Posted by Community, Members 0 thoughts on “Inspire Insurtech Series: Flamingo AI”

insurtech australia inspire insurtech with flamingo ai

Welcome to the first release of our ‘Inspire Insurtech’ series where we will be interviewing inspiring insurtechs to find out who they are, what they do, what we can expect from them in the future, and more.

For our first feature we have Flamingo AI with Founder and CEO, Dr Catriona Wallace.  Enjoy!


To start us off, what’s Flamingo AI’s brief pitch?

Buying financial products online is hard! Its high customer effort and often inefficient. Flamingo AI set out to solve this problem by providing Insurance companies with Cognitive Virtual Assistants, ROSIE & MAGGIE, who guide customers through their insurance purchase and service experiences. Based in NYC and Sydney, Flamingo AI is an enterprise technology (SaaS) company in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sector within the Conversational Commerce field.

Flamingo AI provides a suite of AI powered Cognitive Virtual Assistants (CVAs).

The Cognitive Virtual Assistant capability provides three distinct levels of value for our Clients.

  1. Improved commercial metrics such as conversion rates, customer experience or efficiency.
  2. The creation of unique data sets and insights, based on the CVA acting as a real time sensing mechanism for customer experience. Insights are generated around customer behaviour, product, process and pricing.
  3. The client specific Machine Learning Brain becomes an expert knowledge and retrieval system. The Brain is able to be re-purposed for other products or functions of the organization. Multiple product or functional brains aggregate up into a MegaBrain which provides the organization a distinct competitive advantage.

We’re sold!

How did Flamingo AI Begin?

Dr Catriona Wallace, Founder & CEO, Flamingo AI, has a PhD in Organizational Behavior: Human Technology Interaction.

insurtech australia member flamingo ai founder

Catriona owns two other customer experience related firms, ACA Research – a research company and Fifth Quadrant – a customer experience design and strategy company. Through the work of these companies Catriona saw the opportunity to create a software company that solved the problem of 1) low online sales conversion rates by corporates and 2) poor end customer experience buying products online. The company was founded in 2013 with an initial Founder funding by Catriona of $200,000. Since 2014, Flamingo AI has raised $25m dollars.


How has Flamingo AI evolved since inception?

The Minimal Viable Product was launched in mid 2014 with the NAB as the foundation client. Upon a highly successful trial of Flamingo, NAB told Catriona that they wanted to include the product in their tech roadmap, and that this would take 18 months to transpire! On the back of this untenable news, Catriona decided to take the business to the US and scale from there. Within weeks of being in the US Catriona landed Nationwide, a $40billion company, as a client plus two other Fortune 100 firms in the pipeline. The company was then ‘flipped up’ to be a US-based company and the client delivery team was moved to NYC.

In 2016, due to the high profile of Flamingo globally, the demand for the product in Australia started to rise and in late 2016, based on an approach by a listed company called Cre8tek, Catriona sold the US entity, Flamingo Customer Experience Inc. to Cre8tek then took on the role of CEO and Executive Director. Flamingo then listed on the ASX, with Catriona and Chair Cathie Reid, being the second only women-led business to ever list on the ASX. Cre8tek then changed its name to Flamingo AI.

Flamingo AI has since added AMP, CHUBB, Metlife, DirectMoney & CUA to its portfolio in the Australia and Asia Pacific region.

That’s amazing!

What is your team currently working on / what have you accomplished recently?

Recently Flamingo AI has:

  • Raised $10M in over-subscribed placement, off the back of a $5M raise in October in 2017
  • Deployed Virtual Assistant ROSIE live with clients in the US and Australia
  • Delivered results of between 30-40% conversion rates for quotations and applications
  • Applied for 3 Machine Learning patents
  • Appointed a VP of Sales in the US and is growing out the business development team in Australia and Asia Pacific
  • Expanded the US and Australian client delivery team
  • Sales pipeline has been growing significantly in US, Australia and Asia
  • Employed 45% of the workforce as women employees


How does Flamingo AI ‘give back’?

Our Founder launched the Kids in Philanthropy organisation, and Indigo Express which is a philanthropic fund focusing on funding Literacy programmes for children with a particular but not exclusive focus on Indigenous kids.

Another reason why Flamingo AI is so inspiring!

What is Flamingo AI’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?

As a high tech, early venture organisation, working with large corporates we need to pass rigorous levels of procurement and security audit processes. In our initial implementations this has made the time to contract somewhat elongated. Now that we are experienced and have the requisite security and IT infrastructure in place, the procurement process is much faster.

The other challenge is that AI is an new sector and there is much education that Flamingo AI needs to do to lead and prepare the market for this hugely transformative technology.

We hear you.

Anything else you’d like to say?

The insurance sector is looking to have 40% of jobs automated within the next 10 years. Now is the time for Australian insurance executives to take a leadership role and start to influence the direction that AI and machine learning will take this sector. The AI transformation will be as impactful as the coming of electricity! – this is a well-spoken modern proverb!

Thank you!

insurtech australia inspire insurtech with flamingo ai

Flamingo AI Team at Christmas with Santa, 2017

Insurtech Australia Inspire Insurtech Flamingo AI Photo

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insurtech australia member dxc technology

DXC Technology announces launch of the DXC Springboard Competition

November 29th, 2017 Posted by Members, News 0 thoughts on “DXC Technology announces launch of the DXC Springboard Competition”

DXC Technology is excited to announce the launch of the DXC Springboard Competition.

In collaboration with Stone & Chalk, the Springboard competition is for Insurtechs wanting the opportunity to integrate with DXC’s world leading Digital Insurance Platform, or wanting to leverage DXC’s extensive global reach.

The competition opens Monday 18th December, with submissions due by mid January. Successful applicants will be invited to attend workshops with technical and insurance experts, these will be scheduled for the last week of January and third week of February 2018.

Competition winners will be announced at the DXC Insurance Industry Conference on the 7th of March 2018.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with insurance companies through the Digital Insurance Platform and to partner with a global technology insurance organisation to grow both local and global client exposure.

For more information and to register, please visit:

or email:

IBU and insurtech australia

Insurtech Australia member Insured by Us turning the women-in-tech imbalance on its head

October 22nd, 2017 Posted by Members, News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia member Insured by Us turning the women-in-tech imbalance on its head”

Insured by Us was recently covered in The Australian

Company co-founder Ben Webster said everyone in his company worked a four-day week, a policy that initially came from his own needs as a parent.

“I wanted my children to know who I was,” he told The Australian. “We work really flexible hours; we call ourselves a remote-first company. We have staff working all over the world, and the people who are in Sydney come in to the office for about two days a week on average.”

Read the full article on The Australian ›

insurtech australia partner and cover-genius

Insurtech Australia member Cover Genius takes top honours in Smart50 Awards

October 20th, 2017 Posted by Community, Members 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia member Cover Genius takes top honours in Smart50 Awards”

According to Smart Company

Sydney-based insurtech startup Cover Genius nabbed the top award of the night for its technology that helps streamline processes in the Australian insurance market — an offering that has led the startup to boast an impressive 2606.3% three-year revenue growth rate.

Congratulations to the Cover Genius team. Find out more about their API’s including xCover, and xClaim here.

insurtech australia and friendsurance

Insurtech Australia member Friendsurance launches insurance for bicycle riders

August 30th, 2017 Posted by Community, Members, News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia member Friendsurance launches insurance for bicycle riders”

Fuelled by a $5.5 million investment from James Packer-backed Ellerston Capital, the local arm of German peer-to-peer insurer Friendsurance wants to change the way Australians get insurance. It starts with protecting the humble bicycle.

Friendsurance, headquartered in Berlin and founded in 2010, has gained attention for being the world’s first P2P insurer. The model organises individuals into groups of 10, that cross insure each other – if there are no claims, up to 40 per cent of the premium is refunded.

Read more:



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