Inspire Insurtech Interviews: Staunch Technology

The Inspire Insurtech Interview series is designed to inspire fellow insurtechs. We’d like to share who they are, what they do, and what we can expect from them in the future.

This month, we talked to the Founder and CEO,  Dr Jenny Legge of Staunch Technology. Enjoy!

Tell us the company’s brief pitch.

Staunch Technology helps employers, insurers, providers, and workers reduce sprains and strains in the workplace. Our customers can predict injury and work smarter by objectively matching worker abilities with job demands using our JobFit System platform to identify which workers are at risk of injury so that both the employer and the worker can manage that risk to reduce injuries and absenteeism and increase productivity and retention.

So how did the company begin?

Our founder, Dr Jenny Legge, is a physiotherapist and ergonomist who wanted to help more workers and employers than she could on her own as a clinician. She was frustrated with the waste of resources and inefficiency in the workers compensation sector and so developed the objective and standardised JobFit System job matching method. Dr Legge’s research into the predictive validity of functional testing showed that when workers did not match the demands of their role, they were 3x more likely to have a musculoskeletal injury and 5.8x more likely to have a back injury associated with manual handling. This scientific method is the foundation of the JobFit System platform.

How has the company evolved since its inception?

Staunch Technology grew out of demand to increase the scale and efficacy of Dr Legge’s injury prevention services business by pivoting to a technology platform. In less than twelve months, the company has tripled the technology team, spread into an additional three industries and expanded to Canada and the US.

How does your Insurtech improve your customer’s experience?

Our technology augments human performance, it does not replace it. Our platform helps employers, insurers and service providers make objective decisions from prehire to retire regarding safe job placement, productive and meaningful suitable duties, ergonomic job redesign and other risk management activities, including strategies for an aging workforce.

Our customers have reported 54 to 69% reduction in workers compensation claims in the first twelve months alone.

What is the company’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?

Staunch Technology is in a growth phase. We are building our sales and tech teams, raising capital and expanding our market. Our evidence-based approach gives customers guidance in these uncertain times. Our customer success stories provide Proof of Value to increase confidence in leading change.

What is next for your company? What are your big goals for 2022?

With investment and customer growth we plan to 10X the number of workers we protect globally, create raving fan customers and with a happy diverse team continue to deliver quality injury prevention technology.

Any advice for other Insurtechs or insurers looking to innovate?

Stay true to your values and put people first. Always.

Thank You.

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