A Catalyst for Change – Leveraging Insurtechs to enhance your Business

Leveraging Insurtechs to enhance insurance intermediary businesses

Macquarie Bank and Insurtech Australia are proud to host A Catalyst for Change: Leveraging insurtechs to enhance your business, looking to build on existing collaboration between insurtechs and insurance intermediaries, including insurance brokers.

In August 2020, you helped us identify the industry trends and technological changes that you are most interested in. Using this information, we’ve curated a select group of Insurtechs that may be able to help you overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities

Insurtechs Presenting:

  1. Andy Jamieson, CEO and Founder of Advisr
  2. Ben Webster, Co-Founder of Agile Underwriting
  3. Karen Stephens
    , CEO and Founder of BCYBER
  4. Dale Smith
    , CEO of Javln
  5. Brett Wright, Director and Platform Manager of KPRM Platform
  6. Jacqui Jordan, Consulting Lead of Merlynn Intelligence Technologies
  7. Jason Wilby, Joint Chief Executive of Open Insurance
  8. John Gamble, CEO of uBind

Please join us on Wednesday, October 21st 2020 at 12:00 PM AEST.

We look forward to seeing you virtually.

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