Insurtech in an Autonomous Future

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June 14


06:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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Insurtech Australia


Darling Park (IAG HQ)

201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Sydney, NSW, AU, 2000

In this month’s event we are looking at the broad topic of autonomy; what this is and how it will impact the insurance industry – whether looking outwards and questioning where the future of motor insurance premium will go with the introduction of the autonomous driverless vehicles, or looking inwards at the insurance carrier’s workforce itself and asking which jobs will be automated and potentially disappear in the future and which new ones will arise via autonomy (AI/ML and other technologies that bring in autonomy).

The discussion will take us on a path to look at where we currently are with technology and automation, what the risks are, and how an ‘autonomous utopia’ will play out for the society – all through an insurance lens/perspective and what the role of insurtechs in this future will be.

Limited seating available.
Brought to you by IAG and Insurtech Australia.

IAG is fully focused on making the world a safer place through innovation and enhancing the customer experience. To continue to be at the forefront of insurtech and innovation, IAG has established Firemark Labs to ensure it’s shareholders and customers interests are always first.

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