Insurtech Pathways: How insurtech can scale into the US market

Scaling internationally – the key to successful Insurtech market penetration into the US Market.

In this event, we will share key insights, knowledge and resources around scaling successfully into the US market. We will also hear a case study of an insurtech that has successfully done just that.

Key Topics:

  • What the current landscape looks like for our Aussie insurtechs looking to scale into the US market.
  • What resources and opportunities are available?
  • What are the main hurdles to overcome?
  • Case Study on a successful Start-up that has already scaled into the US, Cover Genius

We will hear from:

  1. David Gritz, Co-Founder of InsurtechNY
  2. Stacey Brown, Founder of InsurTech Hartford
  3. Elise Webb, Investment Director at Austrade (New York)
  4. Justin Turner, VP Strategic Partnerships at Cover Genius
  5. Megan Brandt, Program Manager at Global Insurance Accelerator
  6. Rita Yates, CEO and Co-Founder of Insurtech Australia

Join us at 09:00 am (Australia AEDT time) or 7:00 pm (ET time – 28th September). We look forward to seeing you virtually.

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