Quantum Computing – The next Insurance Frontier


October 7


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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Insurtech Australia

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The quantum computing race is in full swing!

Over the coming decades, quantum technology, and its applications, is set to have a major impact on productivity improvements, economic growth, and new job creation. The speed of development has sparked rapid increases in investment from investors, leading industry players, and governments across the world.

From cyber security, risk management, capital allocation, new product development, and operational improvement, this emerging technology has great disruptive potential on the insurance industry and the customers it serves.

On 7th October, join us as we explain:

  • what quantum computing is;
  • its applications and potential impact on the insurance industry; and
  • what you need to do now to start preparing your organisation for this fast-approaching revolutionary technology.


  • Marcello Negro – Principal, Finity Consulting
  • Prof Peter Turner – CEO, Sydney Quantum Academy
  • Prof Simon Devitt – Sr Lecturer, The Centre for Quantum Software and Information, The University of Technology Sydney
  • Dr Marika Kieferova – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Centre for Quantum Software and Information, The University of Technology Sydney
  • Benjamin Whiteside – PhD student in Computational and Applied Mathematics, The University of Technology Sydney
  • Biliana Rajevic, Engagement Manager – Sydney Quantum Academy (Moderator)


Sydney Quantum Academy’s vision is to build Australia’s quantum economy. Collaborating with academia, industry and government, we will harness Sydney’s collective quantum expertise to develop diverse talent and a globally recognised quantum ecosystem. SQA is a partnership between Macquarie University, UNSW, University of Sydney, and UTS, proudly supported by the NSW Government. Read more.

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