The Future of Mobility and the impact on Insurance


November 21


05:30 pm - 07:45 pm


700 Wellington St

700 Wellington St

Perth, WA, Australia, 6000

Personal Mobility Journey from End to End?

About this Event

RAC and Insurtech Australia are proud to present an evening of food for thoughts on a topic around The Future of Mobility and the impact on Insurance which will encompass a few facets like AV, EV, E-Bikes, E-Scooters, Smart cities and the general change of the ‘Personal Mobility Journey from End to End’ , and what that could mean for insurance. It promises to be an evening which we hope you will find engaging and interesting.

Speaker 1: Scott Nargar, Senior Manager of Future Mobility & Government Relations – Hyundai

“The push to decarbonise the global mobility sector through electrification is quickly gathering pace, but is Australia ready to make the transition to zero-emission transport? As the only brand in the marketplace with all four electric drivetrains (hybrid, plug-in, battery and hydrogen fuel cell), Hyundai believes the time for Australia is now.

Scott Nargar will present Hyundai’s strategy for the introduction of eco-cars locally and the work they’re doing with governments and industry to accelerate their integration into the Australian fleet. He will also present the opportunities for public sector fleet operators to benefit from this technology and the important role they can play in leading the charge towards a clean transport future.”

Speaker 2: Michael Watts, Advisor on Strategy, Technology & Innovation – FMG

“Michael Watts will provide an insightful overview into current and emerging trends in the transition to a future of self-driving vehicles and unparalleled mobility:

– The future of mobility is (sort of) now

– Key technological and social considerations

– The role industry plays in mainstream adoption”

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