International Showcase

UK Delegation 2024

Our UK Delegation to London during Insurtech Week is the chance to connect on a global level with our international Insurtech community.

It’s an exciting opportunity for our Australasian businesses to demonstrate their place, meet new connections and learn more about exciting possibilities from other thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of Insurtech.


Market development partner

London Networking Event

This is an exclusive opportunity to visit iconic Australia House on the Strand. We are expecting senior Insurance, Government and Insurtech Executives to be in attendance.



At Appsure, we excel as adept problem-solvers in the realm of insurance technology. Through our expertise in digital decisioning and AI, we empower clients to significantly enhance their pricing strategies, product rules, and overall operational efficiencies.


AutoGrab’s cutting-edge Automotive SaaS solution delivers instant market access and data-driven insights, empowering clients in the UK insurance sector to make informed decisions quicker, strengthen customer relationships, and innovate faster. Positioned as a technology leader, AutoGrab addresses the evolving demands for accurate vehicle data in the tech-savvy UK market, providing a competitive advantage and bridging gaps in the insurance landscape.

Blue Zebra Insurance

Blue Leopard is an intelligent cloud-native, template-driven, modular insurance system that empowers insurance businesses to optimise their business operations. It combines a policy administration platform (PAS) with up-to-date rating models, trusted data and analytics, fast-tracked product creation, real-time automation, and integrated access to new markets and sales opportunities through multiple distribution channels.


Entsia enables underwriters and insurers to manage and distribute insurance products of any complexity on any channel. We provide a unique digital insurance distribution platform as a secure SaaS service.


FUTUREPROOF is B2B2C disrupter of the US$20Bn per year global equity release market. In global collaboration with ACCENTURE, we are bringing to the UK and Australian markets, our breakthrough Equity Preservation Mortgage® to deliver far better financial outcomes than traditional reverse mortgages, shared appreciation mortgages and retirement interest-only mortgages.   This is transformational mortgage innovation for both Lenders and Borrowers, being a lower risk-weighted and less capital intensive mortgage that delivers tax-free annuity income to Borrowers with no depletion of home equity nor sharing of any property appreciation, ensuring that all home wealth is fully preserved and passes to the family.

Grappler is a global Premium Trust Accounting SaaS. Working with Insurers and MGA’s, we specialise in the automatic reconciliation of payments and premium trust accounting requirements, enhancing operational performance.


Haast leverages AI to review all draft assets for compliance issues before they go live, then track and continuously monitor all digital channels (web, affiliates, socials) to reduce risk, enhance productivity (by 60-80%), and free up valuable resources. By automating these processes, we can save hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent on manual reviews.

Prime Ecosystem

Prime Ecosystem is the market leading solution in Australia and NZ for the Insurance Supplychain – builders, restorers, direct trades working for Insurers, TPAs, and Adjusters. Our platform provides a true “zero development” deployment to our clients, with the most robust configuration layer in a software as a service solution in the Insurance industry.


Revealr is digitalising the Insurance documentation supply chain from PDS to Policy, from Policies and Procedures and Regulations, to Contract automation. In 95% cases, this content is still trapped in 30 year-old PDF formats.


Sentro powers profitable group insurance. Insurers, brokers, MGAs and TPAs use our SaaS group policy admin platform to efficiently grow and service their group business at scale. We offer integrated user experiences for the insured member, their employer, their broker and the insurer.


ZapCentral is revolutionising connectivity and integration between intermediaries, insurers, and third-party stakeholders. Our technology solutions help you work smarter and faster by streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration, and boosting efficiency across the entire distribution ecosystem. With ZapCentral, intermediaries can seamlessly connect with insurers and third parties, enabling smoother transactions and creating new growth opportunities. 

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