Capturing Value from Insurtechs and Insurers

How will the Australian insurance industry achieve the next wave in business performance improvement without having to start again?

Insurtechs provide niche solutions for insurers’ activities on the value chain and more. However, there have been observations that some insurtechs’ solutions, although innovative and on the cutting edge, may not directly address insurers’ pain points. This report looks deeper into this issue and aim to provide the perspective from Australia’s insurance industry.

Celent, in collaboration with Insurtech Australia, conducted research to gain insights into the Australian insurance market from the perspectives of insurers and insurtechs. The objective was to identify and recommend strategies to bridge the value gap between insurtechs and insurers in the country. The organizational structure for implementing solutions involves exploring different paths, combining expertise from both business and technology, and defining the appropriate scope. Relationships with solution providers can range from partnerships and knowledge sharing to providers-only relationships, with considerations such as culture fit and determining success metrics being important.

Understanding the local market, particularly in Australia, requires considering factors such as reputation versus partnership, knowledge of local regulations and data protection, and specific considerations for foreign companies.

For more information and to access the report, you can visit Celent’s website.

Insurtech Australia would like to thank the team at Celent for facilitating their involvement in this report.