KPMG Global – ESG in Insurance: Strategy & Transformation

Leading insurers see ESG as an opportunity to further reinforce their position and drive positive change. They increasingly recognize their role in advancing the ESG agenda, not only through products and investments, but also within their own organizations, across their customer base and throughout the broader ecosystem. Yet many are struggling to set ambition, prioritize activities and cascade their vision across every division and function.

In this report, KPMG professionals explain how insurers can design and deliver an ESG strategy that not only meets compliance requirements, but also delivers significant competitive advantage. They highlight key challenges for insurance organizations, demonstrate examples of where businesses are getting it right, and offer some insights to help compose an ESG strategy that is purpose-driven and tied to overall business objectives.

Download the full report by following this link.

We’d like to thank our Corporate Partner KPMG for making this report available.