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15/02/18 Building Real Value in Insurtech with a Venture Capital Partner

Insurtech Australia Thought Leader Kara Frederick

Kara Frederick
General Partner, Reinventure

Kara is a General Partner at Reinventure Group, a venture capital firm backed by Westpac. She has spent more than 15 years at the intersection of financial services and technology, including as an investor and a founder. She has executive experience in banking in the US and Australia including with Goldman Sachs. Kara is a graduate of Princeton University, co-heads Princeton’s Alumni Council in Australia, and resides in Sydney with her family.

Insurtech Australia Thought Leader Greg Mullins

Gregory Mullins
Partner, Envest Pty Ltd

Greg leads the Envest team. He is an equity partner and a director. Greg started his career in the Hollard Insurance Graduate Program having graduated from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. In 2006, Greg moved to Hollard Australia to help start the Hollard Select Broker business. Over the next decade, Greg was instrumental in building Hollard’s broker and underwriting agency business, eventually leading the Strategic Assets Division. During that time, the business completed over 30 transactions with 25 investment partners, many of which were start-up’s.

Insurtech Australia Thought Leader Brian Siemsen

Brian Siemsen
Founder and Global CEO, Claim Central Consolidated

Brian Siemsen is founder and chief executive officer of Claim Central Consolidated, a global leader in innovative and disruptive Insurtech, real-time data and claims management. Since 2002, Brian has built a business on his aspiration for the “standard” in claims management practices to be the intelligent use of insurance technologies and digital supply chain solutions, coupled with exceptionally talented people.

In 2017, Brian released an industry-first digitally connected claims eco-system platform to the insurance market, known as ClaimLogik, which has since been successfully deployed across four continents in: United States, Africa, Europe and New Zealand.

Insurtech Australia Thought Leader Greg Mullins

Chris Bayley
Co-Founder & Head of New Products, Cover Genius

Chris Bayley is the Co-Founder of Cover Genius, one of the fastest growing insurtechs globally. Cover Genius is the parent company of XCover, a global distribution platform for eCommece companies, RentalCover.com, a global B2B2C specialty line insurer, and BrightWrite, a Machine Learning-based dynamic pricing and ratings optimisation platform.

Prior to starting Cover Genius, Chris led the insurance vertical at Google. Chris has an MBA from University of Technology Sydney and a BA with Honours.


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