IA Podcast: Open and Huddle Co-Founders

December 9th, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “IA Podcast: Open and Huddle Co-Founders”

40K policies, 40k lessons: Huddle and Open’s Co-Founders spill the beans on their biggest mistakes and learnings over the last four years.

On this edition of the Insurtech Australia Podcast, Vanessa Dobson, Insurtech Australia sit down with Jason Wilby and Jonathan Buck, Co-Founders and Joint CEOs of Open. While you may not have heard of Open yet, you’d likely be familiar with their general insurance brand, Huddle. Since launching in 2016, Huddle has sold over 40,000 policies and paid more than $20m in claims. The team built an entirely new tech stack and learnt first hand the issues of fraud and complexity that exists within insurance. In this podcast we’ll dig into the many lessons Jon and Jason have learnt over the last four years, and find out how those experiences have helped shape Open, their exciting new business.

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