Inspire Insurtech Interviews: ClaimSafe

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The Inspire Insurtech Interview’ series are interviewed to inspire fellow insurtechs. We want to share who they are, what they do, and what we can expect from them in the future.

This month we are talking to Andrew Barlow from ClaimSafe.


Tell us ClaimSafe’s brief pitch.

ClaimSafe is a cloud-based, Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) that intelligently allocates the best possible resource to policyholders at the time of an insurable event.

It allows users to connect in real-time with automated updates at key stages throughout the make safe service.

So how did ClaimSafe begin?

Claimsafe began when one of the founders Andrew Barlow identified the lack of connectivity between all service providers and stakeholders when dealing with a property make safe services.

After years of experiencing poor collaboration through his building company, Andrew saw this as an opportunity to build a platform that provided transparency and automation for everyone involved. From Insurers, brokers, loss adjuster, builders, trades and even the policyholder everyone is connected in real-time with live updates and live job status.

How has ClaimSafe evolved since its inception?

The initial concept has grown into a platform that is far larger than what I had first envisioned. With two other founders investing in the platform and a great development team behind us, we have been able to deliver an industry-leading platform.

The size of the project was deceiving but with 10 different stakeholders involved in the platform, it was always going to be a larger task ahead. We were lucky to have over 25 years of insurance building experience between us all and this knowledge was invaluable to ensure we created value for everyone involved.

What is your team currently working on for 2020, or what have you accomplished recently?

We are currently working on stage 3 developments and implementing new features to ensure we are staying ahead of our competitors.

We also have a strong focus on building integrated partnerships with similar insurtech and platforms that may lack the ability to be as efficient as Claimsafe in emergency property repair services.

How does ClaimSafe give back?
At this stage, we are still investing in our own development. However, we are always happy to collaborate with people and share our industry knowledge.

What is ClaimSafe’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?
Getting in touch with the decision-makers.
Speed to market.
Opportunity for a pilot.

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