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Inspire Insurtech Series: Audeamus Risk

July 30th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Inspire Insurtech Series: Audeamus Risk”

Insurtech Australia

Hello! The next release of the ‘Inspire Insurtech’ series where we interview inspiring insurtechs to find out who they are, what they do, what we can expect from them in the future, and more is here!

For this feature, we have Audeamus Risk with Managing Director, Aleksandar Kovacevic.  Enjoy!


Tell us Audeamus Risk’s brief pitch

An enterprise version of the FitBit watch. We are the world’s first resilience intelligence platform – recently launched module 1 is the Business Interruption Insurance B2B.

Cool pitch!

So how did Audeamus Risk begin?

The idea was sparked over a decade ago, when one the first properly structured Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) instruments was issued through so called Blue Wing Ltd SPV in 2007.  An ILS bond was designed to protect London Docklands area against Thames river floods.  At the same time Business Continuity Management started significantly to mature and for someone who used to be on both sides of the table, putting these two emerging domains together was very logical and represented potentially a very sound business case.  However, full potential of this convergence was only realised in 2015 with the announcements of several new standards and advancement of ICT technologies. Even upon filing a comprehensive patent same year, no one could have predicted how quickly market would evolve and commence diversification towards different types or risk transfer?  Luckily, Credit Suisse completed its first Operational Risk ILS-type transaction in May 2016, which proved that the industry is definitely heading in the same direction. Our module 1, BIAX beta-platform was consequently launched in July 2016.


How has Audeamus Risk evolved since inception?

We have successfully completed first part of beta testing in Australia and results produced so far are very encouraging. Since launching the platform in mid-2016, our innovative solution has earned numerous accolades not only locally but across the world. This includes recognition by Marsh and AON.  We have been also invited to present at the leading industry conferences in Australia and overseas. Home-page and the News section of our website contains partial information about our activities.


What is your team currently working on?

Audeamus Risk is continuing to fine-tune its product and develop market opportunities across different industries and geographies. We are currently working on several strategic partnerships and alliances with globally operated entities.

Exciting! We can’t wait to hear more on these developments!

How does Audeamus Risk ‘give back’?

The core purpose of our existence is to enhance Societal Security through efficient risk transfer, fairer pricing and greater transparency.


What is Audeamus Risk’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?

It is definitely a slow change within the incumbent companies.  Knowing that the a large portion of risk is still uninsured, it is very difficult to understand why Insurers adamantly refuse to change dysfunctional business and pricing models?  While the cyber and other types of emerging risks are notoriously difficult to price; refusing to adopt new reality and continuing to use legacy systems and methodologies may prove highly detrimental to both insurers and clients alike.

We cannot agree more!

Anything else you’d like to say?

We are very proud to be a founding member of Insurtech Australia and are delighted to see how the organisation has evolved since its launch last year.

Thank you!

Audeamus Risk monitors resilience across the countries and continents

Insurtech Australia

Insurtech Australia


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Inspire Insurtech Series: Codafication

June 24th, 2018 Posted by Community, Members, News 0 thoughts on “Inspire Insurtech Series: Codafication”


Hello! The next release of the ‘Inspire Insurtech’ series where we interview inspiring insurtechs to find out who they are, what they do, what we can expect from them in the future, and more is here!

For this feature, we have Codafication with Managing Director, Dan Sandaver.  Enjoy!


Tell us Codafication’s pitch

We are “Data Traffickers”…

Our technology is a conduit between legacy software, the cloud and data science.

We provide our clients with a secure platform with flexible abstraction layer, that can design and power enterprise eco-systems. We connect best in class applications, while providing complete lift and shift capability.

Coupled with our own highly flexible software modules (tailored for the insurance industry) our tools value-add to any distribution function, supply chain management, project management, cost containment, financial modelling or back-office digitisation.

Unity is our flagship platform; it integrates, innovates and automates.

Awesome pitch!

So how did Codafication begin?

The company was spun off from a successful insurance property repair company based in Brisbane that has been operating for over 10 years.

We saw the ability to build tools to automate supply chains and the distributed work forces of the future. As we built more and more products, we realised that our modular approach to software development could add benefit to other parts of the insurance value chain, and other industries with similar challenges.

My personal journey was a project manager previously in software development, before getting into the insurance repair industry. I’ve since however come full circle back into software development having gained a deeper understanding of the insurance industry which has allowed me to create Codafication.


How has Codafication evolved since inception?

We started our journey focused on building business line applications for the insurance repair industry but realised over time that our tech-DNA defined us to be a different proposition all together. The true value proposition of our company is in our Platform as a Service which allows teams to rapidly deploy solutions across a fragmented software landscape while transacting valuable data and insights.

Great insight!

What is your team currently working on?

We believe we are building the next evolution of Platform as a Service technology which will support anyone from enterprise to start up. Without revealing too much, we’re super excited about the direction and strategy were undertaking and believe our tech-DNA will be a game changer for digital transformation teams or software developers around the world.

Additionally, we just finished the Stone & Chalk accelerator for Insurtech which was a great experience. We met new clients and colleagues and built some great relationships through this unique approach to trade vendor and buyer networking.

We’re preparing now for global expansion into new markets, with new channel partners which is extremely exciting.

Exciting! We can’t wait to hear more on these developments!

How does Codafication ‘give back’?

We try to support two endeavours each year, one domestically and one abroad.

Domestically its HeartKids, an organisation helping to support children and their families affected by congenital childhood heart disease. Internationally, its Umoja house in Africa supporting disadvantaged children through education and community support.

Both charities are close to me and are great endeavours that are highly focused on the people they benefit not the organisation.

We also give back by providing a diverse, culturally aware, and inclusive workplace, for people of all walks of life.

Good job! That’s a noble cause!

What is Codafication’s biggest challenge in today’s markets?

Speed, scaling and the ever-changing technological landscape.

What any tech company is building now must have relevance in years to come, and balancing that with the speed at which tech evolves is an interesting challenge.

It’s interesting as well, as more and more the dominant infrastructure providers are becoming the dictating factor in relation to innovation, and the gap is closing on unique technologies in an open-source landscape.

We cannot agree more!

What are your thoughts on our monthly topic?

I had the chance to sit on the Insurtech Australia panel recently, discussing Insurtech in the Autonomous Future topic this month. It was great to share the hot seat with interesting people with many perspectives on the subject.

My thoughts on this topic are that we’ve already seen levels of automation in our society from print press, to manufacturing machinery, to e-commerce on the internet as just a few examples.

We’ve all been comfortable with buying products online since mid-90’s, having them delivered to our door, and have experienced the automation of data with predictive marketing and service offerings with “click here” to buy functions.

The next evolution will be a more seamless process as the data is becoming more and more connected in our digital footprint. Automation has been evolving constantly before us, however I don’t think society would automate ourselves into economic oblivion or irrelevance, but more empower creative teams to solve complex problems and provide better customer experiences.

Insurtech in an autonomous future –  if you provide augmentation, transact data and innovative applications to solve complexity. I think it’s a brave new world for the vendors in this space.

That’s a great thought! We love the panel from that talk!

Anything else you’d like to say?

Australia is an extremely innovative nation, especially with Insurtech vendors. I’m excited to see some of the success stories including our own unfold in the global market.

Thank you!

A few members from the Codafication team


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Mercurien to launch Australia’s first telematics-enabled motor fleet insurance

June 21st, 2018 Posted by Community, News 0 thoughts on “Mercurien to launch Australia’s first telematics-enabled motor fleet insurance”


Mercurien to launch Australia’s first telematics-enabled motor fleet insurance

June 20, 2018

Insurtech underwriting agency Mercurien Insurance Pty Ltd (AFSL 408284) today announced that it will offer telematics-enabled, motor fleet insurance to the Australian market, with the offering to be backed by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (Zurich).

Mercurien’s insurance offering will build on its proprietary BetterDriverTM telematics technology, and use the insights that BetterDriverTM delivers around fleet safety, risk and taxation outcomes to help insurance brokers deliver value to their clients.

BetterDriverTM is a best-in-class telematics offer developed for Australian conditions and it assists organisations and drivers in managing risk,” said Mercurien CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Graham.

BetterDriverTM measures the quality of driving across multiple parameters including braking, cornering, acceleration, speeding, length and time of journey and specific geo- locations. The outcome we seek is fewer injuries, fewer crashes, lower costs, less downtime, reduced fuel usage, and enhanced asset utilisation. We are very excited to now be able to combine the insights from BetterDriverTM with an insurance offering, backed by leading motor fleet insurer Zurich.

Andrew Murrie, COO and Co-Founder of Mercurien said: “Australian fleet operators are constantly on the lookout for better ways to manage their fleets and with our simple, cloud- based solution they can assess their operations, from driver behaviour to tax credits, in near real-time. This enables them to assess and manage risks as they emerge which results in a lower cost, lower risk fleet.”

We designed BetterDriverTM with the fleet manager and operator in mind. We saw the issues with Fringe Benefits Tax, the opportunities for Fuel Tax Rebates and we applied for and hold Class Rulings with the ATO for Fringe Benefits Tax Logbooks and Fuel Tax Credit rebates ensuring users comply with the relevant Act. The result is a lower cost, lower risk fleet.”

Giles Crowley, Head of Commercial Insurance, Zurich General Insurance Australia & New Zealand, said: “As a leading motor fleet insurer we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of telematics in terms of driver safety, fleet maintenance and efficiency. We look forward to working with Mercurien and believe their offering will complement our broader motor proposition.”

Steven Ord, Chief Distribution Officer, Zurich General Insurance Australia & New Zealand, said: “We are always on the hunt for agencies that can help bring innovative solutions to our broker partners and their customers. We are looking forward to working with Mercurien to explore the potential of their offering.”

According to Michael Graham the future of motor insurance is data driven from sensors in smart devices, smartphones and embedded in vehicles themselves. “The ability to measure and manage data for risk and safety will become paramount,” he said.

“The Workplace Safety and Duty of Care regimes are tightening everywhere and we think that there is a great opportunity for insurers to work with data to create the future of insurance. Working with the team at Zurich showed us that they were the right partner – and vice versa.”

Zurich Mercurien Motor Fleet Insurance will be available from Friday 22 June 2018.

For further information contact:


Michael Graham

CEO and Co-Founder, Mercurien

Andrew Murrie

COO and Co-Founder, Mercurien

Josh Clements

Head of Communications, Zurich


About Mercurien

0414 507 450
0402 534 814
0401 406 305

Mercurien is an innovator in mobility telematics for driver risk management and motor insurance. Mercurien Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 68 150 845 177 AFSL number 480284) holds a delegated authority as intermediary for Zurich Australian Insurance Limited

Further information is available at

Mercurien is a member of Insurtech Australia.





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Simon O'Dell CEO & Co-Founder Insurtech Australia

Introducing our new CEO: Simon O’Dell!

April 30th, 2018 Posted by Community, News, Press 0 thoughts on “Introducing our new CEO: Simon O’Dell!”

Effective from 1 May 2018, Simon O’Dell will be the CEO of Insurtech Australia.  O’Dell was one of the founding team of IA and has been instrumental in building Insurtech Australia over its first 6 months as Chief Operating Officer. With over 12 years experience in the insurance industry as a broker, founder of his own Insurtech and a number of roles in the corporate insurance sector, O’Dell is in a prime position to lead Insurtech Australia and represent the needs and views of both its members and partners. Please join us in welcoming Simon O’Dell to his new position.


A message from the CEO:

It is BAU at Insurtech Australia. Our hardworking team is pleased to retain Brenton’s brilliance in an advisory capacity. We continue to build a sustainable foundation from which we roll out value-creating initiatives for our members and our partners.

Our key metrics of success are equal to that of our members’ as individual insurtechs and as an ecosystem.  The level of interdependence between key stakeholders is key and we’re happy to report that Sydney ranks 4th, globally, behind only Helsinki, Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv on the ecosystem performance metric of ‘Local Connectedness’, as rated by Startup Genome (2018). Local Connectedness is ‘an assessment of the local community, including sense of community, relationships, and collisions between founders, investors, and experts. Our community is working together; it is a great time to be in insurtech.

-Simon O’Dell, CEO & Co-founder of Insurtech Australia


A message from the departing CEO and soon to be IA Chairperson:

Insurtech Australia could not be left in better hands; Simon’s enthusiasm for the insurance sector is evidently clear and contagious, and his professionalism in all his dealings speaks for itself. As for me, I am proudly moving into an advisory capacity in a new role as Chairperson. This will enable me to support Simon and the IA team and continue to build Insurtech Australia together with our members and partners. I will also continue to be the Australian representative for the global Insurtech Alliance that we co-founded in January this year.

I’d like to thank all of our members, founding and general partners and our team of volunteers from across the sector for helping us to launch Insurtech Australia and helping us achieve our vision to make Australia a world leading market for Insurtech. Without all your support this would not have been possible.

-Brenton Charnley, Chairperson of Insurtech Australia, GITA Representative





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dynamic business features brenton charnley from insurtech australia

Insurtech Australia CEO & Co-Founder Brenton Charnley in Dynamic Business

March 30th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia CEO & Co-Founder Brenton Charnley in Dynamic Business”

Insurtech Australia CEO & Co-Founder Brenton Charnley has been featured in Dynamic Business for his views on gender equality!

Brenton Charnley, CEO & Co-Founder Insurtech Australia: “Gender equality isn’t just about a ratio or a metric which reflects one point in time. While these can be helpful data points, they are retrospective. They do not represent the real-time changes needed by each of us to achieve gender equality. We can all ‘fast-track’ gender equality by taking responsibility for our gender equal decisions.

“There is a very accurate quote: ‘big business decisions are made by many people, making many small decisions in many rooms.’ Every day, we have an opportunity to make better and more considered gender equal and gender-neutral decisions. In every meeting, email and initiative, we can be cognisant of addressing inequality. Don’t just wait for the next Board meeting to take action. It will be too late.

“We can also fast-track gender equality by promoting flexibility around how our people work. The more flexible we are around work, the more equal opportunity we provide. This makes it easier to get the right person in the right role, at the right time and importantly, for the right remuneration.”

Read the full article here on Dynamic Business here.

Insurtech Conference with ANZIIF and Insurtech Australia

Registration now open for the 2018 ANZIIF Insurtech Conference

February 14th, 2018 Posted by Community, News 0 thoughts on “Registration now open for the 2018 ANZIIF Insurtech Conference”



Insurtech is dominating the conversation, but what’s the fuss?

Insurtech Australia, along with ANZIIF and FinTech New Zealand, encourage you to attend ANZIIF’s second Insurtech Conference to learn how the digital revolution is reshaping the industry and how disruption provides the chance to inspire.

This regional conference brings together tech and insurance to find unique and innovative ways to work together. Day 1 of the conference will feature an Insurtech 101 workshop, for insurance professionals who want to know more about Insurtech, the impact on them and also on the industry.

Day 2 is a full day conference that will feature ‘Insurtech Alley and ‘Tech Tank’ which directly connects insurers with tech companies.


Discover more and register for the event HERE

insurtech australia launch copy

Insurtech Australia co-founds Global InsurTech Alliance

January 23rd, 2018 Posted by News, Press 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia co-founds Global InsurTech Alliance”

insurtech australia download pdf

Media Release
23 January 2018


Insurtech Australia co-founds Global InsurTech Alliance


Insurtech Australia today announced the launch of the Global InsurTech Alliance (GITA) – a new network of organisations to facilitate global connectivity in insurance innovation.

Other GITA founding members include InsTech London (UK), InsurTech Asia and FinTechNZ, with upcoming new members organisations expected from both Europe and North America.

GITA’s mission is to foster international collaboration in global insurtech, to promote innovation within the insurance industry, and to align events and activities in individual member countries. The organisation will form and grow a global community for insurance and technology innovation. In particular, there is intent to share and work together on industry analysis and insights, to make introductions and create opportunities for respective members and partners.

The first GITA-supported activity will be an international roadshow in March facilitated by InsurTech Asia which will offer startups the opportunity to meet leading insurers and investors in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Germany.

Brenton Charnley, CEO of Insurtech Australia commented: “The development of the global insurtech eco-system with international partners reflects the rapid evolution underway for a sector little changed in over two centuries. In just a few years, there has been a rapid emergence of new technologies and Insurtech activities across the insurance value chain. As a global network of organisations dedicated to supporting insurtech, GITA will help facilitate new opportunities for Australian startups and offer enhanced collaboration opportunities to our corporate supporters.”

The global Insurtech trend follows closely behind the growth of fintech innovation in the retail-banking sector. Based on Insurtech Australia’s estimates, Australia already has over 50 organisations actively pursuing insurtech products or projects. According to a Willis Towers Watson and CB Insights report, global insurtech funding rose to US$1.682 billion in 2016, up from just US$347 million in 2012.

“Insurtechs’ major successes to date have largely been driven by successful partnerships between insurtechs, insurers and re-insurers,” said Charnley. “The Global InsurTech Alliance has the potential to be a key driver of global partnerships. This initiative will support our members and partners, and we look forward collaborating with our GITA co-founders in the UK, Asia and New Zealand, as well as welcoming other insurtech ecosystem partners to the alliance.”

GITA’s founding members share an interest and representation from a broad spectrum of companies and eco system partners – including regulators and participants across the entire insurance value chain to technology providers, funding partners, start-ups and more.

“InsurTech Asia Association and our members are excited to be among the founding members for Global InsurTech Alliance. Asia has seen a spike of insurtech activity in the past two years with major regional innovation hubs taking shape in both China and Singapore. We recognise that the true power of insurtech is in collaboration and the best innovations will scale across our ecosystems to transform global insurance industry. We look forward to taking our cross-border collaboration to the next level and building the future of insurance together,” says George Kesselman President of the InsurTech Asia Association.

Global alliance follows rapid growth since launch

The founding of GITA marks a rapid period of expansion for Insurtech Australia following its launch in October 2017. New corporate partners have joined to support the growth of Insurtech in Australia. DXC Technology, one of the world’s largest global IT Services and Solutions provider to the insurance industry joins as a Founding Partner together with new General Partners: RAA Insurance, Gallagher Insurance Brokers and Cunningham Lindsay Loss Adjusters.

Insurtech Australia’s leadership team has also been boosted by the appointment of Simon O’Dell as Chief Operating Officer. Simon has over 10 years’ experience in insurance broking and will combine his duties with his role as the co-founder of, a platform to connect brokers and underwriters.

“We welcome our newest partners to Insurtech Australia’s growing list of partners who share our passion for thinking differently and growing Insurtech in Australia. Both the calibre and diversity of our Partner group demonstrates the interest and importance of Insurtech to the Australian insurance industry.” says Insurtech Australia’s COO Simon O’Dell.

Insurtech Australia is rolling out a full programme of activities in 2018, including:

  • A full calendar of monthly partner events across the country, with the first on 15 February in Sydney sponsored by General Partner Envest on the topic of “Building real value in Insurtech with a Venture Capital Partner”
  • Supporting the DXC Springboard competition (launched by Founding Partner DXC in December 2017 in collaboration with another Founding Partner Stone and Chalk). The competition invites late-stage Insurtech startups to pitch their solution to a panel of senior
    leaders from insurance and technology companies with an opportunity to win prize money and global distribution with DXC Technology
  • Acting as an event partner for the second annual ANZIIF Insurtech Conference (organised by General Partner ANZIIF) on the 3 May 2018.


– Ends –


Media Contact:
Ash Pritchard, Kicker Communications
+61 411 020 680

Insurtech Australia Contact:
Simon O’Dell, COO
+61 401 100 606


Download the full report here.

insurtech australia team

Insurtech Australia Successfully Launches October 2017!

December 20th, 2017 Posted by Community, News, Press 0 thoughts on “Insurtech Australia Successfully Launches October 2017!”

Insurtech Australia has finally launched…and what an event!

Here’s what happened

It was a full house as guests arrived early evening for the launch. As everyone eagerly awaited the start, discussions of the latest insurance and insurtech happenings could be heard throughout the room. Representatives from all facets of the Australian insurance ecosystem were present: insurtechs, insurers, advisors, investors, policy advocators, and more.

insurtech australia launch

As the room quieted, Steve Raynor (COO, QBE) delivered a warm welcome followed by a few words from Danielle Szetho (CEO, FinTech Australia). After the opening remarks, CEO and Co-Founder of Insurtech Australia, Brenton Charnley, hit the stage to formally announce the launch of Insurtech Australia.

Without delay, Charnley dove right into discussing the milestones Insurtech Australia has reached since its inception in 2016, its strong team and community of partners and members, and the organisation’s objectives for the upcoming year. Charnley took a moment to remind us of how insurance has evolved over time, and what it means today.

“Whilst time has changed, insurance, or the underlying purpose, continues to survive. Yes, the technology has improved, but insurance has seen shifts due to tech before. We define insurtech as the application of technology innovation in the insurance industry value chain, to solve known challenges and discover unknown opportunities, in order to deliver value for customers.”

insurtech australia rita yates and brenton charnley

Insurtech Australia aims to make Australia a world leading market for insurtech innovation and investment. The insurtech and insurance industry has boomed in the last few years, and Charnley states Australia is in position to be a world leader in insurtech.

“We have the resources, the talent, and the drive to make this happen…Australia is known for being a high quality exporter, so let’s add insurtech to the mix.”

Charnley also discussed the importance of building and growing an insurtech ecosystem to support this cause, as more can be achieved by leveraging all parties in the ecosystem and working together. This ecosystem includes:

  • Investors and capital
  • Government and Policy
  • Insurers, Reinsurers, Brokers and community
  • Insurtechs, technology and the innovation ecosystem
  • Advisors, support and industry bodies

Panel Discussion

With the launch thoroughly addressed, it was time for a panel discussion with a few insurtech thought leaders who are currently making waves in the industry: Naby Mariyam (Founder and CEO, Coverhero), Louise Dwyer (EGM Global Partnerships, Suncorp Group), Daniel Fogarty (Co-Founder and CEO, Evari), and Ralph Ronnenberg (Managing Director, Munich Re Australasia), facilitated by Insurtech Australia’s Partnerships Manager, Rita Yates.

insurtech australia launch panel discussion

The question of the hour was, “How can Australia be a world leader in insurtech?”

Incidentally, this question was asked again to the wider community of insurtechs and partners. See what they have to say here.

All in all, it was a successful launch for Insurtech Australia and we’re excited to see what the insurtech community can accomplish together this upcoming year.

What’ next for Insurtech Australia?

Insurtech Australia aims to make Australia a world leading market for insurtech innovation and investment by fostering a diverse community of insurance innovation & collaboration. As a not-for-profit organisation, it is dedicated to supporting and growing the insurtech community and advocating on behalf of its members and partners.

For 2018, Insurtech Australia will work to:

  • Establish a nationwide insurtech community and increase membership
  • Accelerate insurance innovation, grow insurtechs and partnerships
  • Advocate on insurtech policy to help create the best regulatory environment
  • Support and connect people in the ecosystem, locally and globally


In the upcoming year, Insurtech Australia will also collaborate with ANZIIF on the 2018 Insurtech Conference.
For more photos from the event, please click here.
Keen to get involved? Join the Insurtech Australia Community Group on LinkedIn here.



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Insurtech australia launch

“How can insurtech help shape the Australian insurance world of tomorrow?”

December 12th, 2017 Posted by Community, News 0 thoughts on ““How can insurtech help shape the Australian insurance world of tomorrow?””

At our launch in October 2017, we asked our partners and insurtech members: “How can insurtech help shape the Australian insurance industry of tomorrow?” Here’s what they have to say!

insurtech australia member dxc technology

DXC Technology announces launch of the DXC Springboard Competition

November 29th, 2017 Posted by Members, News 0 thoughts on “DXC Technology announces launch of the DXC Springboard Competition”

DXC Technology is excited to announce the launch of the DXC Springboard Competition.

In collaboration with Stone & Chalk, the Springboard competition is for Insurtechs wanting the opportunity to integrate with DXC’s world leading Digital Insurance Platform, or wanting to leverage DXC’s extensive global reach.

The competition opens Monday 18th December, with submissions due by mid January. Successful applicants will be invited to attend workshops with technical and insurance experts, these will be scheduled for the last week of January and third week of February 2018.

Competition winners will be announced at the DXC Insurance Industry Conference on the 7th of March 2018.

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with insurance companies through the Digital Insurance Platform and to partner with a global technology insurance organisation to grow both local and global client exposure.

For more information and to register, please visit:

or email:


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