Inspire Insurtech Interviews: Integrity

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The Inspire Insurtech Interview’ series are interviews to inspire your fellow insurtechs. We’d like to share who you are, what you do, what we can expect from you in the future. This month we are talking we talk to Jordan from Integrity Life. Enjoy!

Tell us Integrity Life’s brief pitch
We’re here to improve life insurance in Australia through disruptive technology, a laser focus on customers and their needs, and a culture that empowers people to change the game for good! Whether through innovative ‘first-to-market’ products or our co-created agile technology platform, we’re recreating life insurance, as it’s meant to be.

So how did Integrity Life begin?
Like most start-ups. With no systems, capital, business, license, staff, or plan. Just a really clear vision for what we wanted to achieve and why.

How has Integrity Life evolved since inception?
We now have more than 80 staff across the country, a full license to operate as an insurer, major international investors, an award-winning Adviser platform (and multiple awards for design innovation), and the whole industry buzzing. We were just recently named one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups for 2019.

What is your team currently working on 2019 or what have you accomplished recently?
Most recently we’re thrilled to launch Five+. This one is BIG. It’s an only-one-of-its-kind in market insurance package for small to medium businesses to allow them to offer a perk that is usually reserved for large companies – that is, a life insurance policy and salary continuance. It allows small business (like we were!) the type of business-continuity that is normally reserved for the big guys. We thought it was time someone supported businesses with as few as 5 employees.

How does Integrity Life ‘give back’?
We set out to make life insurance better in Australia, and a huge part of what we mean by that is being there for people when they need it most, and we’re starting with our own people. Aside from providing the perks you would expect (ping-pong tables, heaps of team events) we are looking at ways to support our people so they can support the people in their lives. We’ve invested in training 12 staff as ‘Mental Health First Aid Officers’ and have a program to support mental health at work and in life. Coming soon, we will be expanding this to include sponsorships that support people in living life to the fullest. Watch this space!

What is Integrity Life‘s biggest challenge in today’s markets?
Being an innovator and disrupting an industry with highly complex products.

Anything else you’d like to say that we didn’t ask?
Thank you for chatting with us and taking an interest in Integrity!


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